R&D Center Introduction

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R&D Center Introduction

Kovico R&D Center faithfully carries forward developing various products and prior technologies in order to create new added values, secure technical competitiveness, and ultimately, to become a loyal partner of our customers.

Our research center aims to maximize customer satisfaction by securing better performance, quality, and price competitiveness for all the products including defense industry items, commercial modules, special vehicles, construction machinery parts based on the technology and know-how accumulated throughout the company growth. In addition, it seeks optimization of designs in application of various interpretation techniques such as interpretation of structures, collisions, and fatigue levels as well as construction of ERP system for efficient management of information throughout the product life cycle.

Kovico R&D Center will become a faithful partner of customers by pioneering new markets in cooperation with customers, focusing on enhancing capabilities of product development that meets customers' expectation, and thus contributing to the goals of customers.