Ethical Management

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Overview of the Compliance Program

The compliance program is a strategic and controlling system to prevent legal violation within the company and promote reliability of external corporate activities. Kovico operates the compliance program on the basis of the principles of ethical management.


Kovico operates dedicated divisions to manage the compliance program systematically. As a compliance manager, the head of a dedicated division is responsible of establishing and operating the ethical management system including the compliance program. To efficiently operate the compliance program company-wide, a manager is appointed for each division to facilitate compliance activities optimized for the corporate business and risk management.

Management Process

Kovico Compliance Program consists of the preventive activity, monitoring, and follow-up management.
Basically, preventive measures include education for the management and employees, distribution of a manual for tasks, operation of a help desk to handle illegal acts and other inquiries, confirmation of the establishment and revision of various regulations, and management of related procedures.