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Kovico works for customer satisfaction and high quality through the quality/environment-oriented management as an eco-friendly company.

Quality Management System
Environmental Management System
Eco-friendly resource use

Reduction of electric power and carbon energy consumption

Kovico actively participates in activities to reduce not only environmental pollution but also emission of carbon dioxide fundamentally.

LED Lighting Replacement Solar Light Power Generation
Kovico joins in energy-saving by replacing existing lightings with LED. Kovico generates electric power by means of the solar power generating system.
Quality and Environment policies

The basic principles of Kovico with regard to quality and the environment are prioritizing human, technology and quality, providing customers with reliable products by delivering high quality to customer, complying with environmental regulations by consistently maintaining environmental improvements and transparent environmental management strategies, and to become an eco-friendly company that provides satisfaction and rewards, while preventing pollution and accidents.
To achieve this goal, the company has established and administrated the quality/environmental management system that meets the requirements ISO14001:2004 and ISO9001:2008, the standards for quality management and environmental management systems. The details are as follows:

Objectives for quality and environment protection are established and managed every year according to Kovico’s business plan. Appropriateness, fulfillment, and effectiveness are examined and evaluated through management reviews.
In all production process, preventive and quality management plans are put into practice to meet the quality requirements. Every effort is put into production to ensure customers' satisfaction and achieving quality objectives.
Resources and energy are efficiently used throughout the production process, and attention is paid to maintaining pleasant working conditions by preventing fire accidents and reducing wastes.

All employees understand the quality/environment directions as presented in training programs and faithfully carry out their given assignments according to the procedures. Quality/environment management executives regularly examine, improve, and consistently manage the suitability and efficiency of establishing, executing, and maintaining the system. They try to address problems, if any, according to the procedures and regulations. CEO participates in the management and provides all available resources to secure the effectiveness.

CEO Cho Gwang Chael